Getting started

Hello and welcome to my blog. As the name suggests I will write about all the things that make up my world. Mainly I will write about my hobbies and other stuff I like, but also about the not-so-funny parts of my life like living with depressions and a panic disorder.

Okay, this is what you can expect in this blog, let’s go to the next part – the person behind the blog entries. As easily is seen in the photo right above, I am female. My name is Astrid and although I write English, I am Austrian (which means that English is not my native language, so please feel free to draw attention to mistakes I make).

I am in the thirties, single and childless, but have two nephews from the youngest of my three sisters. Outside of the family, I am a rather reserved person, and although I very quickly make new contacts online, in real life I usually need a little while until I thaw.

Because of my psychical illness, I am unable to work, which means that I have a lot of free time besides the rehabilitation measures. Usually I spend this time with my hobbies, especially with knitting, after which I’m almost addicted. Mainly I knit socks, but also major projects like sweaters or cardigans.

I also love to read. I’ve a big shelf full of books, mainly thrillers and romances but also specialized books about themes like Psychology, writing or other things I’m interested in. Although most of the books are in German, I also like to read in English, especially romances.

Another hobby of mine is to take photos, most times of animals and flowers, but also landscapes and cityimpressions. I often go for a walk with my camera and take pictures of stuff like old lanterns or street signs, statues and memorials, which stay often unseen in daily routine.

Last but not least, I love to write. I’m writing a German blog (which you can find in the link list) for over a year now, and before that I wrote a few years fan fictions. Since I’m often struggling with a writing block these days, I decided to focus on new challenges – like writing an English blog.