New year’s Resolutions

Those who are also following my german blog may remember my post about the resolutions I made in december last year. In addition to the typical New Year’s resolutions like doing sports again and quit smoking, I had planned to knit more for myself instead of producing one gift after another.

Well, I’ve already realized part of these resolutions. Since New Year’s day I have, for example, mainly knitted for myself or for my own pleasure. Although I also finished some pairs of socks for the gift drawer, I knitted them because I wanted to knit socks and not because I had to make gifts. At the moment I am working on the hooded sweater and the tank top I’ve mentioned in my last entry – and I’m enjoying it because knitting is so much more fun when there’s no deadline.

Doing sports again… Well, I’ve searched the internet for sports, studios and clubs to find the right ones and I made an overview of the trial days and regular training times of the various sports. But that’s about it. So far, I couldn’t overcome and really do some sport, so this point clearly goes to my weaker self.

As far as smoking is concerned… Well, I’m not sure. To quit smoking has been surprisingly easy, just as it was written in the book of Allen Carr, which I read to stop smoking. But I’m quite irritated about how often I think of smoking since then and how inseperable some situations seems to be linked to a cigarette. I’ve automatically grabbed after my cigarettes countless times, before I remembered that I’ve quit. So, I’m not feeling as a non-smoker yet, but I definitely don’t want to smoke again.

Well, this is the state of my new year’s resolutions. What about yours?


Old and new

Today I took a look in my wool basket to get an overview of my current projects. As usual, I found a couple of UFOs, UnFinished Objects, on which I haven’t knitted for a long time. First of them, is the v-neck child-sweater, which I started a year ago:


The second UFO was planned to be a cardigan to keep me warm in last fall, but so far, I’ve just knitted a few rows.


Third UFO is a sweater again, started just before christmas last year and then stored in my wool basket to wait until I feel like working on it again.


Fourth UFO are stockings, which I originally planned as a birthday gift for my sister – last year, in october. Well, at least I knitted the first few rows.


The next two projects are WIPs, Work In Progress, on which I currently work on. For once, a hooded sweater…


and the second, a tank top I started a few days ago…

But I don’t only start projects, I finish them, too. For example, the last projects I finished: Three pairs of socks….


…a sweater… IMG_0115

…and pants. Yeah, pants.