Hello and welcome to my blog. You chose this site to learn more about me, so let’s start with the basics.

My name ist Astrid, I was born in 1982 (which means I’m in the thirties now) and grew up on the countryside, in a small village in Upper-Austria. I am single and childless, but aunt of two nephews from the youngest of my three sisters.

In 2010, I was diagnosed with depression and a social phobia, which is why I was no longer able to work. The following lack of contact with others made the social phobia worse, until it became a general panic disorder which finally made it impossible for me to cope with the requirements of everday life.

In 2013, my older sister decided to support me (more than she already did) and we moved into a shared appartment. Thanks to her steadily support, regular therapy and other rehabilitation measures my condition has improved steadily over the past year and a half, and although I’m not healthy yet, I’m on a good path.

Since I’m not able to work again yet, I have lots of free time. Most of this time I spend with my hobbys, which are knitting, reading, writing and taking pictures.

To knitting I came through a pair of socks, which I got for christmas from my younger sister almost ten years ago. I was thrilled of the soft wool and the colours so I begged for another pair of handknitted socks. But instead of the finished socks, I got a package of yarn and needles, complete with a knitting-instruction. For this first pair of socks I needed almost a year, because I only knitted occasionelly, but as I finally had finished it, I was so proud, that I immediately began the next pair of socks. Over the years I got routine and now I’m not only knitting socks, but also larger projects like sweaters and cardigans.

Reading is a hobby of mine since I was a child. I grew up with childbooks of Astrid Lindgren, Enid Blyton, Michael Ende and many other writers and I just loved to sink into their worlds. Meanwhile I’m more a fan of thrillers and romances, but I still like to read books for children and teens.

My love for writing arose about twenty years ago. Actually, I came to writing through fanfiction, although I didn’t even know the term then. I was just a huge fan of the tv series Nash Brigdes and I often could not wait to see the next episode. So I began to think about my own episodes and soon I began to write them down. A few years later it was the tv series Pretender, a few more years later then NCIS. And although I still like to write about Gibbs and his team, I’m thinking about own stories more and more.

Taking pictures is another hobby which I have since my childhood. Even when I knew nothing at all about exposure times and camera settings, I knew what I wanted to photograph. Mostly it were snapshots of our cats or the flowers in the garden – so in fact my favourite motifs hasn’t changed much, although I learned a few things about taking pictures meanwhile.