Old and new

Today I took a look in my wool basket to get an overview of my current projects. As usual, I found a couple of UFOs, UnFinished Objects, on which I haven’t knitted for a long time. First of them, is the v-neck child-sweater, which I started a year ago:


The second UFO was planned to be a cardigan to keep me warm in last fall, but so far, I’ve just knitted a few rows.


Third UFO is a sweater again, started just before christmas last year and then stored in my wool basket to wait until I feel like working on it again.


Fourth UFO are stockings, which I originally planned as a birthday gift for my sister – last year, in october. Well, at least I knitted the first few rows.


The next two projects are WIPs, Work In Progress, on which I currently work on. For once, a hooded sweater…


and the second, a tank top I started a few days ago…

But I don’t only start projects, I finish them, too. For example, the last projects I finished: Three pairs of socks….


…a sweater… IMG_0115

…and pants. Yeah, pants.


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